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Whose Wedding is it Anyway?, TLC Weddings, A Wedding Story, these are just some of the reality TV shows that are available to use each week.  Isn’t it amazing how easy each program make planning seem.  Some of them do have “hiccups”, but most seem just about flawless when it is all said and done.

Formal ware, dresses, rings, favors, food, cakes, officiant, ceremony venue, DJ/Emcee, Music, photographer, reception venue, caterer, videographer, travel agent, florist, baker, invitations, and the list of choices that each of them will ask you to make are just about endless.  For some who have “been there done that” a 2nd wedding is normally smaller and more manageable.  For those first timers it can be overwhelming.

Some couples are blessed with resources that allow them to hire a wedding planner.  Some may make the argument that you can do more with the cost of hiring a wedding planner, as they are experienced at dotting the I’s, crossing the t’s and know who the go-to-people are in the industry to get what you need done.

When you interview a photographer did you ask how many camera’s they will bring?  What if the one they bring stops working?  Does your officiant allow outside weddings?  Do they allow flash photography?  Will the DJ serve as the emcee and do they follow a script to insure that your reception flows smoothly?  How many wedding events has your DJ performed?  These are all good questions to ask, but there are so many others.  Remember you don’t know; what you don’t know!

That is the difference between hiring a professional vendor verses using a family member or friend.  I understand that everyone has budget.  Some get to spend less than others.  Some will spend more on rings and dresses and others will spend more on food.  Regardless of what your focus is, there are professional vendors and service providers that have specific training, education, and experience in the area you need.

A professional will work with you to tailor your needs, tastes, style and budget.  Our job is to know all of the best wedding pros in our market. Belonging to various groups, organizations and networks, we can often make a referral to someone who may also extend a preferential rate or additional services that the “other brides” may not get.

If you think that a family member or friend “will be fine” think about this…  It’s your wedding day. No rain, a slight breeze and the sun is just perfect.  Your dress fits perfect, they are preparing your makeup and touching up your hair.  It is one hour to show time…  Who is making sure the flowers are in place, your sand ceremony supplies are ready, the pedals for your flower girl are in her basket, does the best man have the rings, who is getting the wedding party lined up, is your guest book out, are the programs available, is the DJ arrived…

Your Maid of Honor is with you and taking care of you, so she can’t do it.  Your Mother should be relaxing, if not with you.  Your spouse has it all under control right?  If you are using a friend or family member, do they know that these things (and so many more) are supposed to be getting done?  Probably not.

From Day-Of Coordinators, using professional vendors should be every couple’s choice when considering who to hire for your wedding ceremony.  In the Omaha area Inclusive Life is a proud Partner in good standing with All About Weddings and Events that promotes the products, services and care of many of Omaha’s most professional wedding vendors.

A great quote to end with is; “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”  Make a wise decision when you are choosing professionals to surround yourself with on your wedding day.

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Hi!  I am Chaplain Royal from Inclusive Life, since 2009 we have provided pastoral services and holistic care to all without exception.  We are located near the Med-Center at 37th and Leavenworth.  We specialize in working with individuals, couples and families to provide care and services that are based on your vision, beliefs and goals; religious or non-religious.

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