Winter engagement sessions

I shoot about 80% of my engagement sessions in May, June and October–mostly because those months offer the nicest weather and it’s generally nice outside.  In May and June everything is green and the flowers are beautiful.  In the evening (when I usually shoot) the Nebraska skies come alive with thunderstorms brewing in the distance.  In October you get crisp clean air and beautiful fall foliage.

But there are some real gems that can be had in the winter too.  This first image is from a recent session the week before Christmas.  We took advantage of the Christmas lights up in the Gene Leahy Mall.   You just can’t get that festive twinkling of lights in the warmer months!

Gean Leahy Mall engagement photo by Lane Weddings

And then every once in a while I’m treated with the opportunity to shoot on those days when everything is plastered with white.  Here’s an image from a session a couple years ago:

Winter engagement photo by Lane Weddings

So I guess the lesson is: there really isn’t a bad time of year for engagement photos!

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