What exactly does Omaha Lace do?

Absolutely nothing.  Ha! I’m joking, I think I’ve always wanted to tell someone that and you’re the lucky someone. In all honesty Omaha Lace Cleaners is an 86 year old French Dry Cleaner.  We specialize in fine, delicate garments.  More precisely we specialize in wedding dresses; cleaning, restoring and preserving them, we also have an alterations specialist that can fit you before your wedding day. But what I mean by preserving is we actually clean and treat your wedding gown so it does not age with time and succumb to the  yellowing or browning that you see on vintage wedding dresses.  Here is how the process works if you were to come into our store today:

               -First you get a Free Evaluation of your dress and an estimate.

               -Once we have your dress we then hand clean your gown individually.  This ensures that the delicate beading  and lace work is not damaged.

               -We also treat your dress with an Anti-sugar stain treatment. (ummmm what??)  What this treatment does is takes away all the unseen sugar stains that happen upon your dress. Like the glass of champagne that was spilled and it dried clear so you didn’t even remember it happened. Well when we treat with an Anti-sugar treatment it will take those stains away.  Those are the stains that cause browning and yellowing years later.

               -When the cleaning process is done before we package up your dress you can come and inspect your dress for quality work (which of course we always do). But that is your guarantee that you can trust our workmanship.

               -Once we get your A-okay we then box your wedding dress in an acid-free tissue which is then carefully folded into an acid-free, museum quality, wedding chest.  You may have heard about vacuum sealing your dress like you do your meat before you freeze it. Well your dress isn’t a piece of meat,  fabrics need to breathe and if oxygen does not get to the fabric it will actually speed up the process of deterioration.

After all this work and you get your wedding dress back you are also given a life time guarantee!    Omaha Lace wants you to be happy, your wedding dress is yours alone and the memories your dress holds for you can never be duplicated.  That is why our work is the most recommended and most trusted. With 86 years you can trust that we know how to preserve your wedding gown and treasure your memories.

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