What do people learn from their parents marriage

The Huffington Post asked their readers on Twitter and Facebook “what do people learn from their parents’ marriages?”  Most had positive takeaways, even if the marriages had not worked out. inclusivelife.org

For many, that good ol American optimism shined through; that with hard word, true love survives and any marriage can last, were core lessons for many.

When I meet with couples for premarital coaching, the foundation of the coaching is about laying a strong foundation for each of them to grow.  That foundation is built with Communication.  Commitment.  And, Compromise. (the 3-C’s) The 3-C’s are really a foundation for any and all relationships, and are paramount for those in a marital relationship.

I can take most any example of a failed marriage and determine it was because a lack of one of these three foundations, and most likely… a lack of communication.  Let’s hear some examples of what others took from their parents marriage….

…to always be home for dinner together as a family. No matter what!

…My parents’ marriage taught me that the secret to married bliss is to admit when you’re wrong and shut up when you’re right.

…true commitment is independent of circumstance. they’ve been married 27 years.

…that I can have a successful marriage despite their inability to do so.

…my parents’ marriage taught me perseverance. And as you get older it gets easier/simpler.

…to avoid conservative gender roles and inequality.

And I will add my own.  Do not marry the one you can live with.  Marry the one you can’t live without.  It is not only marrying the right partner, it is being the right partner.

I offer a deep discount for premarital coaching services for those having us officiate their ceremony, only $100 for an 8 session course scheduled on your schedule, day evening and weekends.  We do offer the course to those who are not having us officiate their wedding.  We do not require and certainly encourage everyone to consider it, the best thing that can happen is you get to know yourself and allow your partner to get to know you and how to practice communication, commitment and compromise.

Let’s meet so we can understand your vision, priorities and plans.  Experience the difference of being married by a friend of the family and not a stranger!

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