Wedding Invitation Mistakes (& how to avoid them)

Your names and date. That’s all your guests really need to know from your wedding invitations, right? Wrong. Design aside, there is so much more couples need to keep in mind when it comes to wedding invitations.

Let’s take a look at some common wedding invitation mistakes and how to avoid them.


1. Typos

Yes, it happens. Even to the best of us (professionals included). The best thing to do to avoid typos? Send your proof to five of your closest friends and best proofreaders you know to look over. Make sure these people haven’t seen it before so their “fresh” eyeballs can read over it.

2. Sending your invites too early/too late

You’re excited about your wedding day. But sending your invites out too early may mean that your guests will put it on the shelf and forget about it. And sending invites too close to your wedding day may mean their calendar is already filled or even worse, they may feel that they were forgotten about and sent a “oops we forgot to invite” invitation.

When do you send invitations? The basic guideline is six to eight weeks before wedding day (destination weddings are exceptions).

3. Not ordering enough/ordering too many

You have 100 people coming to your wedding. You’ve told your caterer 100 people; your reception hall holds 100 people. So you need to order 100 invitations.

Make sure to do the math and look at your guest list. Most people are invited to your wedding as a couple. So that means one invitation. Most likely if you have 100 people expected to your wedding, you need to order more around 50 invitations.

Also, make sure to order 10-15 extra over your guest list. If you forget someone or get a few returned in the mail, ordering just a small amount is costly.

4. Forgetting the RSVP stamp

There is no science to make your guests RSVP. Some will. Some won’t. Some you’ll need to bug. But one thing that will help…postage on your RSVP. Don’t skimp! If you want a response, make it easy for your guests.

Invitation designers (like dSy invitations) can guide you through all the basics you need to know when it comes to your wedding invitations. The bonus to hiring a designer…they’ve seen it all. These mistakes, as well as others, are avoided because they do it every day. Don’t stress about your invitations and give Dana at dSy invitations a call today!

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