Wedding Insurance…….yes or no?

As we all know, planning a wedding is very time consuming and expensive. As a bride and groom you sometimes invest your life’s saving to make the biggest day of your life unforgettable. The reality of the situation is, you have no control over the success of your big day. You are completely trusting the fact that all of your vendors will fulfill their promises to you and work well together. But we all have in the back of our mind, WHAT IF? All major purchases in our life, we always get insurance. I have insurance on my home, car, business, wifes wedding ring, cell phone, tv, etc. So why wouldn’t you consider Insurance for your wedding!? Below is an article recently covered by a local news station in Omaha. Check it out and there is a great link with information to find businesses that offer this kind of insurance.

Wedding Insurance Growing in Popularity

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Insurance…….yes or no?”

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