Wedding Gown Care Before and After Your Wedding

A wedding gown is so much more than just a dress, it’s a treasure, a symbol of one of the most important events in your life. Whether you’ll be wearing your mother’s wedding gown or buying it new, your gown deserves the very best care, both before and after the wedding.


Choosing a Wedding Gown

Brides shopping for a wedding gown should begin making appointments at bridal salons at least six months before the big day. This provides ample time to find the style, fabric, and accessories best suited for you. It also allows time for the manufacturing and shipping of a special-order wedding gown.

Brides choosing to wear an heirloom gown should allow plenty of time for professional cleaning as well as any necessary alterations. We would recommend trying to allow at least 4-6 months. Many fabrics can yellow with age so carefully check the gown carefully for discoloration. Often, yellowing can be corrected if the gown can be carefully wet-cleaned by a gown cleaning specialist, like those you can find locally at Omaha Lace Cleaners. Our gown specialists have been carefully trained in all fabric types. We are Nebraska’s only member of The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.


After the Wedding

Now is the time to have your beautiful wedding gown cleaned and preserved.  We recommend having your gown cleaned as soon after the wedding as possible.  The gown may have invisible stains from food, beverages, and body oils. If these stains are not properly cleaned, they may become permanent. It’s important to point out any stains or spills before cleaning. Because most wedding gowns include decorative trim, it is important to inspect these trims with the gown specialist prior to cleaning. Many beads, buttons, and crystals may not be able to withstand the cleaning process. Often these trim pieces simply need to be removed and cleaned separately, then reattached.

Storing Your Gown

Unfortunately, no process or storage method can absolutely guarantee against yellowing or possible deterioration of fabrics. But there are, several steps you can take to protect your garment.


Once properly cleaned and treated, the gown should be packed in a special acid-free storage box that will help prevent contamination.


Store your garment in a cool, dry place. Do not store it in a basement or attic. Basement dampness can cause mildew while attic heat promotes yellowing.

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