Wedding Dress Shopping Tips


Finding your dream dress may not be as easy as you think…but have no fear.  Do you want some tips to help you in your hunt?  We’ve got them!  Stick to these tips and the stress of the process will be much alleviated. 

 Dos and Don’ts


-Come shopping with an open mind.

-Wear undergarments similar to those you will wear on your wedding day.

-Bring loved ones whose opinions you value.

-Try to shop during the weekday if possible.  You will receive more personalized time from a sales associate.

-Trust your instincts.

-Have your budget in mind and stick to it.  Calculate in the costs you may need to spend on alterations, veil, and accessories.

-Stay true to yourself and your personal style.




-Wear a large amount of make-up, perfume, or lotion.  These items can potentially ruin the valuable dresses.

-Bring friends or family who will rain on your parade.  Remember:  It is ultimately your dress and your day!

-Eat a large meal prior to trying on dresses.

-Wait until the last minute.

-Get caught up on designer names.

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