Wedding Day Perfume!

No wedding day look is complete without a beautiful fragrance to compliment the beautiful bride! We’re not talking about your “I wear this every day” perfume! It’s your wedding day after all, so why not splurge and buy a bottle of something special?! Here’s a couple of ways to incorporate your special perfume into your wedding:

  1. Before you write that letter to your soon-to-be, spritz a little of the perfume onto the paper! When they open up the letter the morning of your wedding, they will notice the scent! And when you meet them at the alter or during your first look together, they will make the connection!
  2. How do you make your perfume last all night?! Try pairing up your perfume with its matching lotion! Applying the moisturizer first will help layer the scent by providing a foundation for your perfume!
  3. Let the perfume bring you back to the day you married your best friend! You can wear it during your honeymoon, date nights, anniversaries or even just because! Trust us, that special scent will take you back to “I do”!

Perfume ImagePhotography source: Style Me Pretty

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