Wedding Ceremony Wording

Greeting, Family Words of Support, Greeting, Readings, Foundation of Marriage, Declaration, Vows, Ring Ceremony, Rituals, Pronouncement, those, for the most part, make up a majority of wedding ceremonies.

Now comes the homework.  Choosing wording.  Many officiants/ministers offer you Ceremony “A, B, or C.”  Inclusive Life has provided couples custom worded ceremonies based on your beliefs, values and desires since 2009.  And yes, there is homework!  You get to choose (yes, YOU have a choice) of what words are read. 402-575-7006

Is it scripture, poems or beautiful words?  Is it sweet and tender, traditional, or unique and yours?  It should be up to you.  The role of the officiant/minister is to keep you calm, cool and in rhythm what everything that you are surrounded with that day; comfortable, easy, and peaceful.

Vows seems to be a good place to start since so many couples really are frightened by them.  No need to be freighted by your pledges, promises, and commitments.  My thoughts about vows is that since each of you is a unique individual, why should your vows be the same?  What makes one of you cry, smile and laugh, isn’t the same for the other.  Your vows should speak to you deeply and without question.  It is ok that one of you say a few words more or less than the other, as long as they are words that speak to you.  We can always begin or end with a few of the same words, if that helps you “blend” them together.

All couples I meet with are given a copy of our free guide to writing you own vows.  It is our job to help you each step of the way.  You are never alone!  We never charge to have a meeting in our Omaha office.

This is one example of the sample vow we offer…

“(Name) I love you, and on this day I wed you.

Not just for who you are,

but for who I am when I’m with you.

I love you not for what you’ve done with your life

but for what you’re doing with mine.

I love you for making me good, happy and whole.

Because, (name) that is what you do.

Without a word.

Without a gesture.

Without a doubt.

Just by being yourself.”

I am happy to meet with you to officiate or simply help you write your vows or wedding ceremony.  Day, evening and weekends, located near the Med Center at 37th and Leavenworth, I am here to help.

I am Chaplain Royal D. Bush.  Since 2009, I have been performing heartfelt wedding ceremonies as an ordained minister and wedding officiant.  I strive in creating unique, special, and personal wedding ceremonies with all the special moments you desire.   At Inclusive Life, we tailor each and every ceremony to the specific taste and principles of the bride and groom. From our initial meetings, to the rehearsal and the ceremony, and beyond… I am committed to helping make your ceremony the most memorable day of your life.


Since 2009 Inclusive Life has offered religious and nonreligious care and services to individuals, couples and families in Nebraska and Iowa.  We understand that not everyone is a part of a church or organized religion.  We serve all without exception.


LIFE RITUALS:          Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms, Naming Ceremonies, Hospital Visits

COACHING:             Premarital, Relationship and Grief

SHARING:                Chapel Room, Daily Blogs, and Podcast

AROMATHERAPY:      Compass Assessment, Essential Oils, Natural: Home, Nutrition, Skin Products

CLASSES:                Meditation, Relationship, and Aromatherapy.


402-575-7006     3622 Leavenworth Street, Omaha, NE 68105



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