VIP Limo…Gave me the World

There is nothing more important to me than my son. I love the little bug more than anything in the whole world and I want to give him the whole world too, he is 3, and the whole world consists of Little Einsteins, his blanket and new obsession with Darth Vadar (don’t ask). So when it comes to his birthday I probably go over the top like most mothers do. This year we had a party and an Ethan (E) and mommy day which involved me taking the day off, fixing him whatever he wanted for breakfast, letting him wear his ridiculous florescence green boots with the dinosaur face, a trip to the zoo and toy store. I pretty much thought this sounded like the best day ever! As I am telling this magnificent planned out day to Bill Alford of VIP Limo, he suggests that a limo comes and picks Ethan up for his big birthday. Immediately I thought “AWESOME” what a great idea, but I have no idea how Ethan will react. So I graciously say yes to the limo and get home to tell little E that a huge car called a limo is coming to get him for his birthday. He immediately panics thinking that it is going to take him away from his beloved mommy, I being the amazing mother that I am assure Ethan that this isn’t going to happen that grandma, and mommy will be going.

Well the big day comes and this beautiful stretch limo approaches the house, Ethan had been waiting outside for the limo 15 minutes before it was scheduled to arrive. Once it did my little E was a jumble of crazy wild energy. He ran to it, put his face straight up to the shiny car and could see himself. That was all that it took for him to fall in love. As soon as the driver was capable of opening the door (obviously too slow for Ethan) he flew into the limo and was in awe. The changing led lights, the glasses in the holders the big seat, and sitting in the ice bucket was a bottle of Champagne, upon closer inspection I saw that is was sparkling grape juice. How utterly perfect, I wouldn’t have thought about it myself and the driver kindly opened the bottle and poured all of us a glass. So there Ethan was on his birthday drinking his first glass of sparkling grape juice while in his first limo. I couldn’t have planned it better, having the limo was honestly the most perfect touch and it made the day even more special. I really never thought about getting a limo for anything other than bachelor parties or weddings but now I am a convert. VIP Limo took a little 3 year old’s birthday to a whole new level and helped his mommy give him the world.

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