To know. Or not to know. That is a question…

That is a question that many who are considering taking the next step in their relationship must consider.  Do they want to know about themselves in order to understand how they will “act” or “relate” or “be” with their spouse…  Do they want to know about how their spouse grew up and understand how THEY will act, relate or be as they both grow forward together…  Do they both want to know what “language” they both speak and is it compatible?

Premarital Classes (Counseling) is something that many places of worship or pastors require.  Given today’s current divorce rate, either traditional classes are not working or not many are taking the classes.  I think it is a little of both.

Inclusive Life offers what we define as Premarital Coaching.  We do not take time to process past life events (we might explore important milestones for understanding) we help you understand where you have been, where you are at and how you both will grow forward.  We help you both take time to have the “space” to intentionally soak in the life each of you have lived.

This is a non-faith based program that lasts (depending on couple) 8-10 sessions that are 30-60 minutes each.  Our model includes “homework” which is paramount to the complete success of the program. It is more important that the homework get done when you have time to devote to it, rather than rushing through it or not doing it.  The class is self paced, couple A may finish in 2 months and couple B may finish in 4 months.  It is flexible enough to work around any schedule.

All About Wedding Omaha Couples receive a significant discount to this program.  If you have attended one of our Bridal Happy Hours, you will have received a card or a coupon for Couples Coaching.

It is never too late to early or too late to take this program.  For those not engaged, for those who are engaged and for those who have been married for some time, there is something to learn for everyone!  It is a great gift idea for newlyweds or those thinking about taking the next step.

Inclusive Life has offices in Omaha and Council Bluffs.  We offer Ministers and Officiants for Weddings, Coaching for couples and individuals, Pastoral Care, End of Life Planning and Ministers and Officiants for Funerals.  We can be reached at or via email at info@inclusivelife.or or via phone at 402-575-7006

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