To be or not to be… your bridesmaid

It is believed that selecting bridesmaids dates back to Roman law when they needed 10 witnesses to fool evil spirits. Bridesmaids and groomsmen dressed identically to the bride and groom so the evil spirits wouldn’t know who was getting married.

Unless you are planning a shotgun wedding, the only evil spirits you will be avoiding is too much champagne!  Your bridal party is a collection of people (some family, some friends, some both) who have helped you both to arrive at this moment of time in your life.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen are representatives of the bride and groom, so let them look good, have fun and represent what you want your wedding to be.

Let’s focus in on the bridesmaids.  Dresses seem to be the number one topic for most bridesmaids; how much, what color, what style, how does it fit…dresses can be difficult.

Dresses are often expensive, and created in a fabric that most women will rarely wear.  Dresses are not normally custom fit and therefore hard to fit a variety of different body types. No woman over the age of ten wants to buy a pink taffeta dress. Selecting your bridesmaid dresses has inherent challenges, but you do have options to let each bridesmaid be the unique woman she is. If one looks great with a blowout while another bridesmaid would rather wear an updo, let them! Making your friends look identical not only isn’t it flattering, it’s not modern. Your pictures aren’t about capturing a row of mini-me’s; it is about capturing the beautiful, individual and special women who have helped you to become the person you are at and in the place you are at today.

Duties.  Have the people in your wedding party served as a bridesmaid before?  Do they understand and know the expectations and duties as such?  Inclusive Life can help, we offer a free gift to each couple we meet with that includes a guide for the best man, maid of honor and father of the bride so they know everything they need to do, including helping the guide the wedding party.

TRENDING: I am seeing weddings here in the Omaha area that have mixed wedding parties (yes, women AND men on both sides!) consider that in your planning for style, formal wear and line-up.  As we enter 2013, we will see other trends including returning to classic black and white with a twist of modern flair to make it your own style.


Let’s meet so we can understand your vision, priorities and plans.  Experience the difference of being married by a friend of the family and not a stranger!


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We know not everyone is a part of church or organized religion.  We can help, we serve all without exception.  Since 2009 Inclusive Life has been offering religious, non-religious, and spiritual care and services to individuals, couples and families in Nebraska and Iowa.


We offer Pastoral Care, Officiate Weddings, Prepare End of Life Documents, provide hospital visits, perform: Baptisms, naming ceremonies, blessings, dedications, and Officiate Funerals.



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