Taming the Bridezilla in you.


The dress needs to be perfect, I the bride need to be perfect, I want everyone around me to listen to me and be perfect. It’s for one freaking day get your s@#$together and be perfect for one day. I am your best friend and the roles were reversed for you I’d be perfect for you. It’s only one day, one day plus 12 months planning and modifying behaviors to make me and you perfect. I am perfect already but you just need to meet my standards. You know what?  I have never really been honest with you before but since my reputation is on the line for Best Looking Bride EVER!!! I need to level with you: You are not  cutting it, you’re barely sub-par, honestly I”ve been thinking this for years about you but I’ve never actually had the guts to tell you, you need to clean up your act and suck it in. I am only having  you in my wedding because I’ve known you for long and I love you like a worn out pair of my ex boyfriends sweatpants. But that’s just it, you’re like worn out pair of sweat pants, I can’t have this at my wedding. We need to fix you but I don’t have time. Figure it out slop chop.  It’s about me! Making me look good now get with it.

Relax, it’s okay to have your “bridezilla” moments, but  we at Omaha Lace Cleaners the wedding gown experts, and the vendors here on All About Weddings and Events are going to make sure you never feel this way towards us.   We may wear easily like an old pair of sweat pants, but we proform like Rico Sauve in a Tuxedo.  So go ahead ask us questions from wedding gown alterations, DJ personalities or what’s in style in the tux and floral department. We are here to help.

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