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Hello all, Chaplain Royal here.  I just finished meeting a couple who is planning their wedding.  Each of them has been married previously, and they really approached their planning with eyes wide open and took a bit of a “been there-done that-want more than I got before” stance as it came to vendors.

Being clergy, I do more than just officiate weddings.  I also offer premarital coaching, pastoral care, hospital visits, baptisms, blessings, dedications, end of life planning and I officiate funerals.  When I met with the couple I asked several questions, as I normally do, that help me understand where they have been, where they are at and who they are; what their values are, what their beliefs are and how I can help co-create a ceremony with them that is what they want (and sometimes need.)

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I never pressure my couples, I give them the information and pricing of what I offer.  I never ask for the “sale”, for me it is about giving them space.  They have enough vendors asking (and sometimes being pushy about) “the sale.”  If I am the right fit, they will hire me has always been my approach.

Since 2009, and nearly a hundred couples married, I have only had 5 couples not hire me after meeting with them.  And the couples that do book my service know that they have my undivided attention.  For that moment in time the only couple in the world, is them.

This particular couple booked and paid before the left.  They both offered a hug and said that it was because I took my time, I did not hurry them and I was not pushy that they booked me.  They said that many times they feel that  the only thing that many vendors are interested in is getting a check or deposit.

My piece of advice to couples… take your time!  There is a vendor out there for you that speaks your language.  All About Weddings and Events has some of the area’s most talented, incredible and caring people I know in the industry.  I would (and do) refer couples to our website every chance I get.


Royal D. Bush serves as a Multifaith Chaplain with Inclusive Life.  He shares two important messages…You are beautiful, you are loved and you are worthy, just the way you are.  And, now is time in this world that every human being is called to lift up the weak, offer a hand up to the impoverished, cherish our elders and stand up for the oppressed.


He holds a Bachelor Degree in business administration. He studied at Andersonville Theological Seminary.  He holds a current certificate of spiritual counseling with the International Institute of Faith Based Counseling.



Multifaith.  Spiritual.  Nonreligious.  We serve all without exception.

End of Life Planning, Funerals, Hospital Visits, Pastoral Care, Premarital Coaching, Weddings.




www.inclusivelife.org (Newly designed web site!)



105 S. 49th Street Omaha, NE 68132

500 Willow Ave Council Bluffs, IA 51503


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