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Premarital Coaching

WHAT IS PREMARITAL COACHING Published in 2009, the New York Times Magazine ran an article: “Married (Happily) With Issues”.  Written by Elizabeth Weil, she crafted a funny, honest, and intimate portrait of her marriage.  (I suggest reading that piece before continuing this piece.) When most people think of premarital coaching or counseling, they often think

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Take Your Time

My piece of advice to couples… take your time! There is a vendor out there for you that speaks your language. All About Weddings and Events has some of the area’s most talented, incredible and caring people I know in the industry. I would (and do) refer couples to…

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date night

One for the grooms…

Grooms, this post is for you! This is your time to shine. Let’s face it, many of those trips shopping, meeting with vendors and making decisions you were would have been all too happy to stay home and cut the lawn or watched TV while your soon to be bride…

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Best Men

It’s nightmarish. Somewhere in the room a butter knife tink-tink-tinks against a sweaty water glass. The collective gaze of the room swivels and catches you in its…

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wedding story board

Wedding Story Board

They are basically a collage of pictures that helps you pull together color schemes, decorating ideas and other wedding details. You can show your board to your florist, baker, officiant, photographer, wedding coordinator, venue coordinator, and…

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