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My Mother’s wedding dress…who cares right?

I knew my mother didn’t care about her wedding dress, because every time I asked her where it was she’d say in some bag downstairs. I didn’t realize the extent of her uncaring ways until I actually fished that piece of neglected fabric out of a bag that was old long before 1965. I couldn’t

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You +body type+ alterations specialist = the perfect wedding dress

To get a wedding dress with the perfect fit, it’s essential to determine the most flattering shape for your figure.  It is also important to meet with your alterations specialist frequently.  Your wedding dress is usually one of the first things a bride runs out to get. So the dress could be sitting in your

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What exactly does Omaha Lace do?

Absolutely nothing.  Ha! I’m joking, I think I’ve always wanted to tell someone that and you’re the lucky someone. In all honesty Omaha Lace Cleaners is an 86 year old French Dry Cleaner.  We specialize in fine, delicate garments.  More precisely we specialize in wedding dresses; cleaning, restoring and preserving them, we also have an

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VIP Limo…Gave me the World

There is nothing more important to me than my son. I love the little bug more than anything in the whole world and I want to give him the whole world too, he is 3, and the whole world consists of Little Einsteins, his blanket and new obsession with Darth Vadar (don’t ask). So when

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