Somewhere Different? When a Beach isn’t your ideal Honeymoon….

 Your Honeymoon is one if the most important trips of your life.  A Vacation to start your lives together.    Some people prefer to lay on the beach, or swim in the ocean during their honeymoon.  This is not everyone’s dream vacation.  Some people prefer to explore, learn about other cultures, try new foods, or try new experiences.

   So what if going to the beach is not your ideal vacation?  What are the other options? 

   I’ve got some great options for your Honeymoon-aside from that Beach!

Are you the type of person that loves History, Architecture, and Good Food?  

Italy may be the right place for your Honeymoon in this case!  The History of the Roman Empire is at your fingertips, but also the Wines of Tuscany and the Romance of Venice.  If you still think that you may like to relax for a day or 2 on the water- The Amalfi Coast may be the best place to end your Honeymoon!  This is a perfect compromise for the couple that wants to spend time at the beach, just not their entire Honeymoon!

Not an Italian Person?  That’s ok too. 

Maybe you were thinking Jungle, Culture, and some nightlife?  Thailand is your place!  Explore with Elephants in Chiang Rai and view the palaces of Bangkok.  Beach and nightlife are a perfect end to your Honeymoon in Phuket or Koh Samui.  Also, another good option to spend some time relaxing by the beach with some great new experiences!  This would be a great Honeymoon destination for a Winter Wedding as the weather is perfect!

Cut the travel time for a fun Honeymoon Destination like Vancouver.

This is the perfect destination for the active traveler.  If you love the great outdoors, go whale watching, kayaking, hiking, or snorkel with sea lions.  Vancouver prides itself on the local British Columbia heritage, so enjoy some great food and good wine sourced from the nearby farms and vineyards and check out the unique museums that are on offer in this big city.

Whether you have 2 weeks or 4 days, the right Honeymoon destination is out there for you.  Make sure you choose what fits your travel style as this is all about you.  Vancouver, Italy, and Thailand are examples of new and exciting Romance Destinations, but the world is at your fingertips. Don’t be afraid to explore! 

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