So long ‘Bridezilla’, make room for ‘groomzilla’??

Back in June, ABC aired a segment on the rising number of grooms getting more involved with the planning of their wedding. The term ‘Groomzilla’ has now began to take the place of the ever so popular, ‘Bridezilla’ for men who prefer to take charge of some wedding details.

As the article states, (click here: on the term ‘groomzilla’, “It’s grown to have such a negative connotation because of what we’ve seen on the ‘bridezilla’ side”.

Even in the tuxedo business, which ideally one would think that the groom would play a major part in picking out, the bride usually has the final say. In the past, the majority of weddings that we work with, the bride picks everything out, and when she asks her groom for his opinion, he simple states, “I don’t care”.

In the last few months, we are starting to see a growing number of grooms come into our stores, who are shopping around, and seemed to be very involved in what they will wear for their wedding. They know what colors they need to pick out, some even come equipped with swatches, and they are ready to finalize their styles! Not once have we experienced a ‘groomzilla’…

Personally, we think it’s great that more grooms are getting involved with planning the details of their wedding. Hopefully, the growing trend of the term ‘groomzilla’ does not discourage grooms from continuing to be involved in the planning of their wedding.

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