Relax – You’re Prepared for Anything!

One key element to being able to relax and enjoy your wedding it to be prepared for anything that might come your way. At Counterparts we bring a special emergency kit with us to every wedding, but if you are a DIY’er, here are a few ideas you may want to consider.

contact case/solution
disposable toothbrush
extra makeup
q-tips / cotton balls
make-up sponges (great for removing dirt smudges off your wedding dress)
men’s black dress socks
bug spray
bobby pins
nail clippers
nail polish remover
pain reliever
shout wipes
hand sanitizer
bottled water
granola bars / snacks
mints / gum
static cling spray
shoe polish
white chalk (covers stains on wedding dress)
lint brush
extra earing backs
dental floss
brush / comb

extension cords
walkie talkies
needle / thread
band-aids/ first aid kits
hemming tape
duct tape
scotch tape
hot glue gun
corsage pins
thumb tacks
diaper pins (works great for a bustle that comes loose!)
safety pins
fishing line
wire / wire cutters
lighter / matches
pocket knife

important phone numbers of family and wedding party
disposable camera

If it all seems a bit overwhelming, give Counterparts a call at 402.932.2220. We can do everything from staff your event so you never even hear about the “emergency” to put together an emergency kit for you. Let us know what YOU need!

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2 thoughts on “Relax – You’re Prepared for Anything!”

    1. Lol Don! For my wedding I think I had 2 or 3 tubs with all of this- one for the bridesmaids dressing room, one for the decorating area, one put away with emergency items in it. I didn’t want to have to go through my suitcase before leaving for my honeymoon to make sure I had everything, so just had an extra kit altogether instead of using my personal items.

      Sometimes if feels like overkill, but when you need the item you are suddenly very thankful for having all that “junk.”

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