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Published in 2009, the New York Times Magazine ran an article: “Married (Happily) With Issues”.  Written by Elizabeth Weil, she crafted a funny, honest, and intimate portrait of her marriage.  (I suggest reading that piece before continuing this piece.)

When most people think of premarital coaching or counseling, they often think of their parents or grandparents church-required classes.  Often times “those” classes informed the couples of how they would live their life, according to the doctrine and dogma of that church, or religion.

Premarital Coaching is co-creating a road map with the couple, determining where they are at, and where they want to be.  Coaching is allowing time, space and ability for both to understand and explore communicating, cooperation, and commitment.

A study published in Journal of Family Psychology concluded that couples who received an average of 8 hours of premarital education had a 31% lower chance of divorce after 4 years.



Be satisfied with the way you solve problems.

Be satisfied with the amount of time you spend together.

Be satisfied with how you both maintain your home.

Navigate issues-problems with in-laws.

Navigate the impact of having divorced parents.

Deal with anger in a constructive manner.

Develop a budget.

Understand the benefits of balancing your mind, body and spirit



Regardless if this is your first marriage or you have been married before, our 8 session premarital coaching class will help you both understand your language of love, how to communicate, what commitment means, and how to cooperate with one another.

Our coaching sessions are scheduled only AFTER you have completed your “homework”, sessions last about 45 minutes.  We are pleased to offer office visits or distance (via iPhone Facetime or Skype.)

CLICK HERE to book appointment to discuss how Coaching can help you.  Office visits and appointments by phone are available.


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