Planning a wedding doesn’t have to feel like speed dating

Your marriage is about a relationship that will span the test of time. You’ve invested countless hours in each other and have realized that you want nothing more than be together and enjoy a long lasting relationship full of surprises that you both can enjoy and tackle head on together. And the first of many surprises and fun things that your marriage will bring is the planning of your wedding.

 But instead of having years to build a relationship like the one you have with your significant other, you have tops 12 months. So it’s like speed dating on crack.  You need to find a

                Place to have your ceremony and reception (that you both like)

                Photographer (that you both feel comfortable with to cheese it up with)

                Caterer (that you both want to eat)

                DJ service (repeat after me…”THAT WE BOTH LIKE”)

                A Wedding Dress (That he can’t know anything about)

                Cake, invitations, etc, etc….

And you’re supposed to feel comfortable with all these people to trust them to make your wedding wishes come true.

And here is where All About Weddings and Events comes into play. We’ve done countless weddings worked with 1000 of brides to make their wedding days fantastic but what is even better than that is we’ve all worked together and we’re all vouching for each other. And maybe you’ve worked with one of our vendors here and you feel very comfortable dealing with them for your wedding, and THAT’S where the speed dating stops.  It’s like a friend introducing you to another friend. It just makes it easier and more comfortable.

All About Weddings and Events is here to make your wedding day a wonderful and easier than you’ve ever thought it could be.

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2 thoughts on “Planning a wedding doesn’t have to feel like speed dating”

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