Physical Touch

Are you connecting by touch, enough.  Healthy relationships have all forms of physical touch.  And that touch is not always under the covers!


Physical Touch to some, is a very important aspect of the relationship.  It is about holding hands, snuggling on the sofa, piggy back rides, back pats, arm rubs, and…  We know that physical touch, in some conditions can be a great way to defuse anger, frustration, and stress.  When tension is climbing, try this; A) You BOTH close your mouths.  B) Close your eyes and hug each other and stay in that embrace for up at least 30 seconds.  Your blood pressure will drop, endorphins will help calm you and you both will be in that “space” to share without shouting.


You can help; When you know that special person has had a rough and tough day, one of the first things they may need is your physical touch.  For them it is not the apple or the script from the doctor that they need, you are all the medicine they need!


Mapping your language of love is something that we do with all couples that provide premarital and relationship coaching with, and we can help you too!


Let’s meet so we can understand your vision, priorities and plans.  Experience the difference of being married by a friend of the family and not a stranger!


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We know not everyone is a part of church or organized religion.  We can help, we serve all without exception.  Since 2009 Inclusive Life has been offering religious, non-religious, and spiritual care and services to individuals, couples and families in Nebraska and Iowa.


Weddings, vow renewals, holy unions, commitment ceremonies.

Premarital coaching, Pastoral Care, hospital visits

Prepare End of Life Documents, blessings, baptism, dedications,

funerals, life celebrations and memorials.



OFFICE (402) 575-7006          TEXT (402) 909-1668

3622 Leavenworth Street Omaha, NE 68105

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