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Will you have out-of-town guests with you at your wedding ceremony?  Let’s talk about how you can help make it easy on those who are traveling long distances.  It is important to pay particular attention to your out-of-town guests. Traveling to you will cost the average guest between $500 to $1500 per person when you add up the airfare, hotel, car rental, food, pet-sitters/baby sitters for those needing those services, and not to mention if they have taken time off from work.

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Helping your out-of-town guests takes a little extra effort, and will be a blessing to those who are traveling.  Remember: get your bridal party (both sides!) involved in relieving you of some of things that need to be done!

-“Save the Date” card should be sent out as soon as you have finalized your planning, usually four to six months before the wedding date.

-Your wedding planner or other wedding professional will have a contact for a local hotel vendor whom can help you get the best deals.  Ask for a group rate and be sure to communicate it to your relatives and friends HOW to make that reservation.

-Some hotels will offer shuttle service between the wedding reception site and the hotel. Inform your out of town guest of this service.

-In advance, include contact information (Names, addresses, and phone numbers) for area hotels, car rentals, public transportation services.

-Create a “arrival basket” for each room.  You could include information about local restaurants, pharmacy’s, grocery stores, retail shopping, local attractions, a map of the wedding venue and reception venue, an itinerary of family meals, key times and locations, etc.

-To aid in the stress of travel and being jet-lagged, the basket could include bottled water, healthy treats, perhaps for those traveling with younger ones; a small bag with age-appropriate toys, activity books and kid-friendly snacks.

-Let the hotel concierge at their hotel know the details of your wedding; such as where you are registered, and the itinerary.

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