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Your wedding day, there are no take-two’s, there are no re-do’s, there is only I-do’s!  Since 2009 Inclusive Life has worked with hundreds of couples to co-create and co-author a ceremony that is based on the their values, their beliefs and their vision.  We are with you each step of the way, you are not alone!  From the first time we meet until the marriage license is signed we will guide you through traditions, your vision, and etiquette.

We know that not everyone is connected to a church or organized religion.  And some may not have a religious belief.  That is ok!  We serve all without exception.  These are the most asked questions and our responses.  If you are shopping for an officiant or minister, this is a good list to start with.

Will you customize the ceremony?

YES!  Some couples seek a religious ceremony, some seek a nonreligious ceremony and others may want something in the middle.  We co-create a unique ceremony for each couple that reflects who they are.  We offer options such as customized ceremonies that involve sand (different colors for each member of the family or generation.  We can help create a meaningful candle ceremony that can involve various family members and loved ones.  We can ask you a few questions to help co-author your story of love (how you met, your engagement, who said I love you first) and share that story with your guests.  We can honor parents, those whom raised you and others with ceremonies involving flowers, plants, trees, water, and other meaningful items.  These are just some of the many ceremonies we can co-create for you that will make your ceremony unique, authentic and beautiful.


Do you have sample wording, ceremonies and readings?

YES!  It is how we help you co-create a ceremony.  We have a large selection of sample readings (some religious and some are not) YOU get to pick and choose what resonates with you.


Do you require Counseling?

No! We do offer Premarital Coaching.  For those selecting any of our wedding packages (Elopement, Focus, Kiss and Go) you may add Premarital Coaching for only $100 (separately priced at $295.00!) This isn’t your grandparents counseling course!  It is modern course that focuses on today and tomorrow and the 3-C’s (Communication, Compassion and Commitment) and the languages of love!  The Select Package includes Premarital Coaching at no additional charge!



“Serving all without exception!”

3622 Leavenworth Street Omaha, NE 68105

(402) 575-7006

Inclusive Life is a non-profit, Nebraska, Multi-Faith organization that provides pastoral services to all without exception.  We are based in Omaha and are available to travel.  Our ministers and officiants are locally ordained and licensed.  We support marriage equality and engage in local social justice issues.

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How long have you been in business?

We have served Iowa and Nebraska since 2009.  We are an incorporated, licensed and insured nonprofit with a physical office near the Med-Center at 37th and Leavenworth.  We are members of All About Weddings and Events, American Association of Wedding Officiants, Omaha Chamber of Commerce, at the Midtown Business Association.  We are honored to have been recognized by Wedding Wire with a “Brides Choice Award” for 2013.  We share our reviews right on our website.


How is your staff ordained to perform ceremonies?

Locally.  We do not use online or web-based ordination services.  We license and ordain our staff by the authority provided to us by being an incorporated, nonprofit, Nebraska Multifaith organization.  The license we issue each person is valid for one year at a time and is subject to review and must be in good standing to be licensed.  (Online and web-based ordination services are not subject to the same standards.)


Do you have back up in case you are ill?

Yes!  There are four ordained officiants with Inclusive Life.  We have one female, 3 males-one of which is bi-lingual and speaks English and Spanish.


Will you marry us if we are of different faiths, or if we have been divorced, or if we are same sex?

Yes!  Inclusive Life serves all without exception.


Can we choose special readings or music?

Yes!  We welcome the chance to involve a family member, friend, or special guest.  This is your day!


Will you give a sermon during the ceremony?

Most weddings no longer include a sermon, we do not include it in our outline.  If you would like a sermon to be included, we would be happy to share that experience.


Will you attend the rehearsal?

We will COORDINATE your rehearsal!  We will coordinate staging (so everyone knows when, where and how to walk, escort and stand.  We will help you with your timeline so you all will be ready.


Are there any restrictions as to our attire, or our bridal party’s attire?

No.  There are no restrictions. We try and match and coordinate our colors with yours.


Is flash photography allowed during the ceremony?

Yes!  We encourage photos and video.  We will work with and coordinate with all vendors to help them provide the very best service for you.


Will you wear a microphone if the videographer requires one to capture the ceremony?

Yes.  We want to make the final product perfect and will do what it takes.  (Holding a microphone is not out of the question, it is more difficult to hold one than to wear one, especially if outdoors.)


How much do you charge?

That depends on the amount of work that is needed to provide you with the experience you would like.  Our packages are based upon the amount of time the ceremony will last; 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 30-40 minutes.  This approach allows us to offer packages ranging from $75 to $395-something for all budgets.


We would like to meet with you prior to the ceremony, what does that cost?

$0 we do not charge to spend time with you.  Emails, phone calls and in person visits at our office are all part of the planning process and getting to know you both.  We want you to be married by a friend of the family and not a stranger that you have never met or don’t know.  It is that reason that we like to be invited to the rehearsal dinner so we can engage with your family and friends too!

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