Nebraska’s diverse weddings

15% of all 2010 marriages in the United States were between partners of different races or ethnicities, according to the Pew Research Center.  Nearly twice the rate of the previous 30 year period.  Nebraska report that 10-15% of 2010 couples were partners of different races or ethnicities.

“This speaks to the diverse culture Nebraska has in all segments of society” says Chaplain Royal of Inclusive Life.  “Weddings today are traditional in many aspects, and in just as many ways are diverse and unique.”  “Outdoor weddings, colors, themes, ceremony options, and venues separate the weddings of today from the weddings of yesteryear.”  Chaplain Royal comments that Omaha has a many resources, venues and options that smaller cities my not have.  In addition finding the vendor that best fits your personality, goals and vision is important.  He notes “weddings are not one size fits all…” Grand Island Wedding

Your wedding ceremony will be one of the most remarkable experiences of your life.  Planning, organizing and surrounding yourself with people, vendors and businesses that will help you create the day of your dreams.  All About Weddings and Events is an Omaha based organization bringing together the passion, talents and experience of the top wedding industry professionals to help couples create their incredible wedding ceremony.

Inclusive Life is proud to be a member of All About Weddings and Events.  Chaplain Royal at Inclusive Life offers Non denominational and Non religious Wedding Officiants and Premarital Coaching.  Learn more by visiting or by calling (402) 575-7006

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