Nebraska Marriage License Facts

Nebraska Marriage License Facts

Due to new provisions of the Judicial Code of Conduct, effective January 1, 2011, active judges cannot perform marriage ceremonies between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  And for those seeking a simple Elopement or Civil Ceremony, Inclusive Life is available day, evenings and weekends to officiate those ceremonies for you.  Same day and short notice often available.


The basics are you must be at least 19 to apply for marriage license (without consent from parents.)  Nebraska only allows marriage between a man and women (Iowa is the closest state that provide marriage equality for all.)  Nebraska does not recognize common law marriages.

You must apply for the Marriage License in the state you are getting married in (where you are having the ceremony.)  In Iowa that is the County Recorder’s Office and in Nebraska, it is the County Clerk’s Office.

There are no blood tests necessary in Nebraska (prior to 1998 there were), and there is no waiting period.  Which means that if you bring all necessary pieces of information (names, dates of births, photo ID, divorce decree, etc.) you should be able to leave with your Marriage License when you leave.

The County in which you apply for your license will be the keeper of the record of your marriage.  Your Nebraska Marriage License allows you to be married anywhere in the State of Nebraska (regardless of what county you received the license from.)

Nebraska marriage licenses are public record.  In the Omaha area; your name and age will be published in the Omaha World-Herald and in the Daily Record. The newspapers come in daily to pick up the list of names of the applicants from the day before. Usually your name will be printed within a couple of days after the day that you applied.


For detailed information can click here Nebraska Requirements

To apply for your Nebraska Marriage License, click here


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