My “Fairytale” Wedding

Two days before my wedding I seriously thought I might strangle everyone around me. To say that my stress level was high would have been the understatement of the year!

I had planned a beautiful outdoor wedding and my sweet fiance was kind enough to go along with it. This seemed like such a romantic idea in that blissful engagement season: I envisioned an evening wedding . . . just as the sun was setting . . . a big grassy field . . . a white tent covered in twinkling white lights. I imagined a smaller, more intimate wedding, so we decided to rent a summer camp 5 hours away from where I was living. We were young and in love. It was going to be wonderful. The perfect fairy tale.

Seriously. What was I thinking?

I quickly figured out that I had taken on an extensive project. As I began making my lists they took on a life of their own and multiplied like rabbits. Since we were not getting married at a church, my list started to include many rentals. I needed to rent a tent, chairs, sound system, piano, tables . . . . . the list went on and on. Next I needed to find a photographer, a dry cleaner to steam my dress, a hay-rack ride driver, a caterer, a florist, and a bakery. There were many things I had no idea that I would need when I thought it would be fun to get married outdoors! Our wedding was in Long Pine, Nebraska–population 341. That presented even more challenges. I got a local phone book and began calling anybody that could help me.

The stress of planning an event reached a climax of monumental proportions two days before our wedding. Everything began falling apart. I desperately needed another ‘me.’ My brother’s car broke down. My sister’s rental car fell through and my parents drove several hours to pick her up at the airport. The camp needed to be cleaned up and mowed. Parking needed to be figured out and marked for all the guests. Decorations needed to be transported. Tables and chairs needed to be picked up from the rental site. Tuxedos, cakes, mints, flowers, dresses–all needed to make the trip to the wedding site. “Overwhelmed” does not begin to describe how I felt. By the time I figured everything out by myself I was ready to make a scene that would have made CSI cringe!*

I wish I had known about Counterparts Concierge service at the time. To be honest, I didn’t even know what a concierge was then!

Counterparts is located in Omaha, NE, and is ready to help you with your to-do list in the planning stages, as well as during the week of your wedding and after the event. Before your wedding Counterparts can make all the inquiries to narrow down your options, saving you the time and headache. Let us help you find what caterers, reception halls, ceremony sites, florists, and photographers are available, and reserve the rentals needed to make your day the fairy tale you have

To find out more, call 402.932.2220 and ask for a Event Specialist. Mention this story to receive a free consultation.

Whatever your personal wedding challenges are, Counterparts can help make your day everything you envision and more!

Overwhelmed in Omaha

*all the events of this story are true. The names and faces have been left out to protect the guilty.

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