Invitation Etiquette: Does it Exist?


I often bring this story up to brides I meet with.  It has nothing to do with invitations or weddings, but a cute story none-the-less.

One day, my grandmother and I were sitting down before church, the day my cousin was getting baptized.  We were sitting in our “Sunday best”, my grandma wearing a nice dress and me the same.  And then she asked me, “Are you not going to wear pantyhose?”

Pantyhose?  I don’t own a pair of pantyhose.  I don’t think.  Maybe shoved in the back of my drawer but I couldn’t guarantee those were any good.

“No, grandma.  I’m not.  I don’t wear pantyhose.”  To her surprise, she then asked, “Can you do that?”

I stopped, laughed a bit and then replied, “Grandma, you can do anything you want to anymore.  There are no rules.”

So how does this lead me to a blog about wedding invitations?  Just that: there are no rules. Brides will ask me how to word invitations, or what is the correct way to do something.  I definitely guide brides on the traditions around wedding invitations but also always give them the piece of mind that these are your invites to your wedding.  You can do whatever you want.

I will blog a bit more about some etiquettes that are out there in future posts.  I’ll also show you how those etiquettes can be broken and still look amazing and be effective when it comes to inviting guests to your wedding.

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