Including Your Pets in Your Wedding!

Pets at Weddings
Photo by Odds & Arts Photography

It’s no surprise that many couples chose to include their pets in their wedding – after all, for many couples, their pets are their kids! Here are a couple of things to consider if you chose to include your furry friends:

1. What are their personalities? Are they going to jump all over you? Or will they be able to listen to the “sit” and “stay” commands with hundreds of guests and distractions to detour their actions? You know your pet better than anyone else, so be sure to listen to them! This will be a stressful situation for them, so be sure to limit their time involvement or consider only having them for  pictures and not necessarily the ceremony.
2. Do you have someone designated to handle your pet? Trust me, you’ll be busy with other things that day, so you’ll need to make arrangements for someone to take them to and from any locations, as well as making sure they’re well taken care of!
3. Will your venue allow pets? Before you get swept up in the idea of having your pet be a part of your day, check with your venue to make sure pets are even allowed. Always, always, ALWAYS get written permission and consent from the venue, as they may need proof of licensing and/or vaccination records. And, unfortunately, some venues just don’t allow pets because of different insurance and licensing policies, so it’s always best to know this ahead of time in case you need to make arrangements to have the pets at a different location. 
4. Have you told your photographer that you’re including your pets?! Definitely let your photographer know ahead of time if you plan on including your pets! They’ll want to be well prepared to capture those moments for you, so knowing that information ahead of time will help!

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