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Two of the many questions I ask when meeting with couples prior to marrying them is “What makes you happy” and “what is your most frequent mood.” These help me understand a little about each person.

When couples are in the process of planning their wedding there are so many emotions changing, decisions to be made, deadlines, time lines and then there is that group of people called… FAMILY!  It is enough to drive you crazy if you let it.

Listen, we would not be human if we didn’t make mistakes, make the wrong calls, or make choices that didn’t affect others!  While planning a ceremony; two people are navigating the complexities of their relationship, they dynamics of two families, and often for the first time and/or with no experience; mistakes are inevitable!!!

Have you had an “oops!” moment?  Sure you have… in life, at work, with friends, in the kitchen, while driving, etc…  You recovered from that “oops” just as you will from the many other “oops’s” that you will make in planning this ceremony AND the “oops’s” that your partner will make.

It is not about keeping score or having a balance of who has more oops’s than the other.  It is about the 3-C’s!  Communication.  Compromise.  Commitment.  When we take responsibility for our actions and are truly mindful of the importance of staying focused on how each other feels, the 3-C’s will help you get through anything.  They are the foundation to any and all relationships.


Rev. Royal D. Bush is the founder Inclusive Life where he serves as a multifaith Chaplain.  He shares two important messages…You are beautiful, you are loved and you are worthy, just the way you are.  And, now is time in this world that every human being is called to lift up the weak, offer a hand up to the impoverished, cherish our elders and stand up for the oppressed.

He holds a Bachelor Degree in business administration. He studied at Andersonville Theological Seminary.  He holds a current certificate of spiritual counseling with the International Institute of Faith Based Counseling and is a member of Spiritual Directors International.







105 S. 49th Street Omaha, NE 68132

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