If I was planning my honeymoon-where would I go?

I was just thinking about this…if I was planning a honeymoon where would I go???   It is such a big world and there are so many places to go, but since I have worked in travel a long time (I’m not saying how long, it would age me!)  I have some definite dream places. 

If cost were not an object… the water is unbelievably clear blue, and they have rooms built over the water, dive right off your dock! 

  • The Seychelle Islands – 150 islands in the Indian Ocean off the East Coast of Africa 
  • The Maldives-  also in the Indian ocean, close to Sri Lanka 
  • Tahiti or Fiji-  did anyone watch the Bachelorette?  When they were in Fiji…wow! 

Moderately prices:

  • The Riviera Maya Mexico-  but wait I’ll even narrow it down, I know where I’d want to stay..or a few places I’d like to stay.   1)  The El Dorado Royale-  in a swim up room.  I’d walk right off my patio, cocktail in hand, and float in the lazy river.  2)  The Royal Playa del Carmen-  one of our very own partners- Nick Schneider- loved this place, I’ve got to try it!   

Okay enough dreaming for the day, I’ll share some more ideas next week!


Overwater bungalow

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3 thoughts on “If I was planning my honeymoon-where would I go?”

  1. Great info, Kim! My wife and I went to the South Caribbean and visited St Thomas, St Lucia, Dominica, Barbados and Antigua. All of which were gorgeous as well! It’s obvious I should have used Amazing Honeymoons so I would have know where to go on each island!

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