Indian Wedding Trends & Traditions……

Omaha has a very large Indian population and I feel it is great for us to educate ourselves with some of the traditions. These are pretty general ideas but may be completely new to some of you.

1. Indian wedding ceremonies and receptions incorporate bright, bold color schemes and elaborate outfits. A wedding reception is a celebration of the new couple and thanks the guests for attending the event. When planning an Indian wedding reception, it is important to incorporate tradition while still showcasing your personal style.

2. Indian weddings are easily recognizable because of their bright, vibrant color schemes, so it is important that you carry this tradition into your reception decor. Traditionally, red and gold are the main decorative colors for an Indian wedding, but you can incorporate deep greens and blues at your discretion. Choose a bold color palette, and carry it through your reception decor.

3. To decorate the room, use large, fabric banners draped across the ceiling in your wedding colors. Silk tablecloths with printed table runners can serve as the basis of your reception table decor. Choose elaborate, embellished table runners to tie the decor on the table in with the rest of the room. For a centerpiece, candles are very popular for Indian weddings. A variety of different sized votive candles or a dish filled with water and colored floating candles will create a warm feeling on each of your reception tables. Use silk fabric and beaded sashes to decorate the guest chairs.

4. Showcase your favorite Indian entrees as your reception menu. A buffet-style setup will allow your guests to sample a variety of foods. For your appetizers, try combining foods from the Punjabi, Bengali and Gujarati regions and downsizing them into small hors d’oeuvres. For your wedding cake, have it decorated with boldly colored fondant and decorated with colored icing. Flavors to consider are chocolate with fresh strawberries and white cake with mango.

5. Music is the perfect place to bring your personal style into your wedding reception. Choose to play some of your favorite modern songs alongside traditional Indian music. By doing this, you will showcase your and your spouse’s personalities and please all of your reception guests.

6. While the wedding reception is primarily a celebration, it is important to incorporate some of your cultural traditions as well. To add a fun touch to your reception, play the game of Aeki Beki. In this game, fill a bowl with water, milk and sindoor. Throw several coins and a ring into the bowl. The bride and groom both reach their hands in to find the ring. Whoever finds the ring four out of seven times will rule the household in the new marriage. The Vidaai tradition is the perfect way to end your wedding reception. In this tradition, the brothers of the bride carry her out of the reception while the guests wish the couple good luck.

Complete Music Video & Photo have been a part of many Indian weddings here in Omaha. Such a great community of people to work with but it is very important to learn the many traditions incorporated into the ceremony and reception.

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