How to make your wedding ceremony your own!

So you are recently engaged and have just started the planning process.

Congrats! Now What?

You are feverishly looking over every wedding magazine you can get your hands on. You are online looking up wedding styles, the trendy wedding colors and wedding gowns. Everyone you know is giving you advice on when and where to have your wedding, budget tips, and their wedding highlights or horror stories. You are choosing your date and figuring out your wedding invite list. Setting up site tours to check out some wedding venues. You have become a Pinterest wedding pinning fool! Your mind is reeling! Oh the insanity!

With all the moving parts of planning a wedding and sometimes feeling the pressure to have a “traditional” wedding. You and your fiancé and your ideas and wants may get lost but there is a way to show your personalities and style in more than just your venue, wedding colors and design. It’s in your wedding ceremony. Your ceremony can be anything that you can want. There are no rules to how a ceremony should go. You can make it romantic, lighthearted, full of family traditions, incorporate the people that mean the most to you into the ceremony, unity ceremony or no unity ceremony, religion included or not. It is truly up to you. When thinking about your wedding ceremony make sure to talk to your Clergy or Officiant and let them know what you envision for your ceremony. Choose an Officiant that fits your style and will work with you to create a ceremony that best showcases you and your fiancé. An Officiant is there to help guide you, offer suggestions on readings, scriptures, vows, etc., create a ceremony script that is personalized to you as a couple and most importantly be there to listen to you. This is your wedding and your Officiant is there to make your ideas come to life because as I like to say “You are not like any other couple….so why should your wedding be?”


Written by Shari McCormick

I Choose You Ceremonies

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