How to be a Supportive Partner during Wedding Planning

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Maybe we can also help out prior to the wedding with some tips on how to be a supportive groom and create a less stressed partner.


Ideas to be a super supportive Groom!


Hear your partner.

Listen to your partner and hear them out without trying to fix it. sometimes we all just need to vent.

Let them vent without offering solutions (unless you’re an expert in the field) and empathize with their plight.


Shoulder some of the load.

Step up to the plate and help or take over a few of the duties that are stressing your partner out.

Alleviating some of the stress by rolling up your sleeves and helping our will make you a super supportive hero!



Some aspects of your wedding will be more important to your partner than to you.

While it’s great to have a partner when planning a wedding, it’s not necessary for you to have an opinion on everything.

Chose what’s important to you and allow your partner do the same.


Give your partner a break.

Enlist some friends and set up a break from wedding planning. A fun night out, a massage, a weekend away with or without friends.

It may cost a little, but trust us, it will be worth it for your partner to come back to planning your perfect wedding relaxed and recharged.


Happy Planning!


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