Having a Friend Marry You Is Cheaper, Right?

402-575-7006 inclusivelife.orgAnyone can go on line and in a manner of minutes you are authorized to officiate weddings in most states and counties in the US.  You have a friend or family member who is willing to do that for you, so it only make sense right?

I am sure there are many couples out there who have followed that logic and did in fact have the ceremony that they planned.  Kudos to them, I am most happy for them.

I fully disclose that this next comment is written with bias, and yet truthful.  Your wedding officiant/minister is thee most important element of your wedding ceremony.

S/he should help coordinate the activities relating to the ceremony with the other vendors, insure that the wedding party and family is ready and in place, and that the two of you are calm, stress free and ready for a special and beautiful ceremony.

It is your officiant/minister’s job to maintain the rhythm of the ceremony as it is moving forward, and be prepared for any unplanned circumstance.

I had a wedding that the musician played the opening cords to the Cannon one time, two time, three times, four times (and still no bride.)  What would have an inexperienced person done?  I assured the groom all was ok, and set out to find the bride.  She was at the wrong place so we got her to the right place and I addressed the guest by saying “I found her!  She went back to her room to check the game score…”  With a roar of laughter, the Cannon was played for the fifth time and we moved forward with a sigh of relief.

A professional and experienced officiant/minister will help you both each step of the way, and beyond the I-do’s.  Helping you build your ceremony with wording of your choice who reflects who you two are.  Helping you decided on rituals and components to make your ceremony meaningful, authentic and celebrate special times, people and events.

I recently met with a couple that both had lost their parents in the last several months.  They both were close to their parents.  They chose to write a note to their parents and lift it up with a Chinese Lantern.  It was meaningful and healing for them.

When you ask what was the thing you most remember about the last wedding you went to many will say food or music.  When you ask what do they most remember about the last wedding CEREMONY they attended some will say the dress, the vows and some will say the ceremony was boring or predictable.

Your officiant/minister should have the skills and be experienced enough to interview you and understand what your goals, objectives and beliefs are AND offer you suggestions to consider to insure your story of love is shared with your family and guests.

Your ceremony should be the buzz of the evening, not the music and not the food.  People should be remembering how special and how beautiful your ceremony was and how they felt to be a part of it.

This is your ceremony.  This is your special day.  And there are no take-two’s here.  Your officiant/minister should promise to respect your specific wishes, beliefs, and who can artfully guide your family and guests to a better understanding of you as a couple.

Although we have three Chaplains that offer wedding services at Inclusive Life, I always share with couples, do not wait until the last minute to book that date.  The date you want today may be gone tomorrow.

Being conscious of your budget is important.  And sometimes a professional costs more.  You do get what you pay for.

From officiants/ministers to photographers couples will agree that sometimes paying more for a professional is worth it.  Why? Because you can always find someone cheaper, the question is can you find someone better?

You may pay less by having a friend marry you, but can you find someone who is trained, experienced and ready to make your ceremony special and beautiful? The answer is yes.

I am proud to be a Wedding Wire Brides Choice for two years in a row.  With hundreds of happy couples and many reviews I am prepared to help you create a special and beautiful ceremony.

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