Giving Back

A little off the subject of weddings but I wanted to share my experience this week after serving dinner at the Sienna Francis House in North Omaha. 

We have to count our blesings every day for what we have and never take anything for granted.   The men and women we served this week, despite their situation and circumstance, were truly grateful for a hot meal and shelter from the bitter temperatures, even if it was short lived.   There were men, women and children seeking food, drink and to warm their bodies for 30 minutes. They eat quickly and then the tables are cleared and re-set for the next shift, there are 4 shifts each night.

We served over 300 meals to homeless, unemployed, underemployed men, women and children. 

We received lots of grateful thank you’s and “please come back”.  

It is something everyone needs to do, you will be humbled.  They are in constant need of volunteers.  Feel free to contact me and I will put you in touch with the right point of contact.   Remember that a lot of people only a f ew paychecks away from this same circumstance.

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2 thoughts on “Giving Back”

  1. We also do alot with the open door mission and my heart is so full after we do “a day of beauty” for the homeless and battered women. I applaud you and your company for all that you did that day. Now that is a place that I want to work and do business with!

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