Flower Prices

Flower Prices

We are often asked if an off-season wedding will receive discounts.  The flower market is a lot like the stock market.  The price of flowers changes almost daily depending on the grower’s weather, supply and demand, even gas prices.  If you plan a wedding around Valentines Day, the demand for red roses is already high, so you will pay a higher price too.  If you want tulips in October, if the growers can force the off-seasons growth for you, it will cost you more than if they naturally grow in the spring.  We keep the prices on the erasable board above, and put the current price as the flowers arrive in the shop.  So when you visit All Seasons Floral to plan your wedding, to get the best price, ask the designer which flowers will be in season at the time of your wedding, and work around those flowers.

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  1. That makes perfect sense. It’s like buying tomatoes in the middle of summer. Not only are they more affordable then, but they taste so much better!

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