Family Style Dinners

Are you looking for a unique twist to a sit down dinner?  Most people think of a buffet or plated meal for their wedding.   However, a new trend that we are seeing more often is family style!

What is family style?

    I am glad you asked!  Family style is similar to a plated meal, because your guests will remain seated throughout dinner service.  The big difference is that bowls and platters will be passed around the table like you do at home!  This is great to get people to interact with each other and give your guests a new experience. 

    Many couples are starting to choose to serve this type of meal for a variety of reasons.

  • It makes the meal more intimate.
  • Guests are encouraged to get to know each other, because they are interacting while passing the bowls and platters.
  • Each guest can get the amount of each item that they prefer and pass on items they would rather not eat.

      One thing to consider when planning a family style meal is the table space.  You will want to leave some additional space for your guests to place platters and bowls, so that they can get seconds of their favorite items!   Some people prefer to accommodate for this with a smaller centerpiece.   While other choose to have less people seated at each table.   

      Family style meals can be enjoyed by all ages!  They offer a unique and elegant twist to any wedding reception!  I encourage you to speak with your caterer about this option!

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