Everything (even your dress) holds a memory


I was proposed to on a Wednesday and married by Friday on a lake in a pink dress because I couldn’t find a white dress in two days.  I honestly don’t know what I was thinking, but luckily for me I was forced to have a reception a few months later and I got to have my white wedding dress.  I of course still have both; I can’t imagine ever getting rid of them.  But what makes me laugh is that it took me years to get the dresses that meant so much to me cleaned.  Actually it took me working at Omaha Lace to remember that I actually cared about them enough to have them cleaned and preserved.  Yes both, well one is preserved the other pink one I just had cleaned and bagged up.  I think we forget how an outfit can hold so many memories.  I mean I still have my high school gym uniform, it was one of the most comfortable t-shirts I’ve ever had.  But t-shirts are meant to get old and nasty and thin, that’s the glory of an old shirt.  That’s also why we steal our boyfriend’s t-shirts (I still have my collection).  There is nothing better than an old shirt.  But that isn’t the case with a wedding dress.  Chances are pretty good you are going to spill all over that dress some kind of clear liquid that you won’t remember about a day later because it dried clear.  But a year later you’ll see the brown spot from where it starts to ruin your dress.  I guess what I am trying to get at is don’t underestimate the memories your dress will hold for you years later. You might think “who cares your day is over, I won’t ever wear my dress”  but  when you move or are rearranging a closet you’ll take it out and you’ll be so disappointed that your beautiful wedding dress is turning brown.  So get your dress cleaned and preserved, it’s worth it.

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