Dressology 101

When it comes time to shop for your dress and the ones your bridal party will be wearing it can be overwhelming.  Types of fabrics, styles of dresses, there’s so much terminology out there and it’s easy to get confused.  The good news, Sublime Couture is here to help.  Each Monday over the next few weeks we will explain a dress style or fit and a type of fabric in detail so you can be an informed shopper and feel confident on your dress finding journey. 

First Up, for Style is A Line, and for fabric it’s Chiffon.

An A-line dress is cut close to the hip with a slight flare at the hem, making the shape of an A which is where the name comes from.  This shape works for petite, full figured or short waist figures.  This shape does not work for thick waist or hour glass figures.  Here are some examples of A-line style. 


Chiffon fabric is lightweight, extremely sheer and airy.  Because of its flowing nature it is a good fabric for concealing body flaws.  It is usually a matte finish and because it’s lightweight it’s an excellent choice for warm weather ceremonies.  Examples of this fabric are below.


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