Dressology 101 Part 4

This week’s lesson will look at one of the most traditional wedding dress styles, the Ball Gown and a lesser known fabric called Charmeuse.

First the Ball Gown, this style features a fitted bodice and defined waistline that leads to a full skirt.  For the full “poof” effect this style may require an additional hoop skirt or petticoat underneath, keep this in mind for budget purposes and if you’re not wanting a dress that is too heavy.  This style is great for full figured brides but also looks good on most body types, much like the A-line style.  If you are petite you might want to shy away because the dress could overwhelm if the skirt is too full.


Now the fabric we’re discussing this week is Charmeuse, pronounced Shar-Mooz.  The fabric is light weight with a shiny finish much like satin.  If you’re looking for brighter colors in a lightweight fabric this may be a good choice.


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