Don’t break your neck.


Shopping for your wedding dress is supposed to be a blast. Grab your mom and your best girls and if she’s nice your mom-in-law to be and have a great time (if not leave mom-in-law out!).  The bridal shops are going to throw words out at you like do you like taffeta, silk, halter neckline, illusion yoke neckline (if you’re question the last one don’t worry pictures are coming).  In this little mini blog I’m going to explain wedding dress necklines so you can see what you like and what you don’t.  But remember try everything on, it’s fun and you’ll be surprised what you fall in love with, it’s usually never what you think.

Let’s start with what you probably don’t know: 

Illusion Yoke neckline: This neckline has a translucent fabric lace or netting fitted at the neckline and shoulders.  This one has jewels woven in to give the illusion that they are just placed around your neckline seamlessly

 Wedding Band Collar: Just like it sounds a band around the neck. This tends to lean more towards the traditional.

 Portrait Collar: A neckline fabric that frames the shoulders.  Think Angelina Jolie in The Tourist, she’s wearing a dress just like this.

Asymmetrical  Neckline:  Which is a neckline that is not symmetrical to the other side.  Fabric gathers to one side giving a sexy off balanced look.

Now for the necklines that you probably already know: 


  sweetheart neckline







Off the Shoulder

off the shoulder

Spaghetti Strap:





There are so many necklines to choose from and I suggest having fun with your dress, at Omaha Lace we can always alter your wedding gown to fit you.  For questions or bridal gown fittings call 402-330-1812 or visit

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