Details, details, details…

Are you getting bogged down with all the little details involved in planning a wedding?

Let Counterparts help!

Counterparts can make your wedding planning fun again; just assign us all the tasks you would rather not do! (yep, it’s that easy) We specialize in tasks before, during and after the wedding. Counterparts can make hotel reservations, pick up your guests at the airport, provide childcare during your rehearsal dinner/wedding, help decorate, pick up last minute items and coordinate everyone for the ceremony. We can clean up the ceremony site as you head over to the reception, deliver gifts to a safe location, and package up all rentals for us to return on Monday as you enjoy your honeymoon. Speaking of honeymoons, let us take care of your pets while you are relaxing with the one you love.

Whatever your challenge is, give us a call and we’ll take care of it.

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2 thoughts on “Details, details, details…”

  1. Ohh child care too! I didn’t even think of that for wedding parties! What a great compliment to a wedding to not have to worry about your children at the wedding!

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