Ceremony Planning-Huddle Up!

Did you watch the Super Bowl Last night?  The Giants were strong in the first quarter, and the Patriots came back to push the ball up 96 yards.  It was a great game!  The game last night reminded me of a couple whom I am working with.  They have some challenges in their life and although they have been tackled by some of those obstacles, they are pushing forward, together!  By working as a team, instead of independently of each other, they are achieving much more!   As we plan their wedding day it will be a day of great celebration, and for these two individuals, a day of victory!All About Weddings and Events

As I help couples plan their weddings I am also reminded of how “fans” can be.  Some root for this team or this player, and another will root for another team or different player.  Wedding planning for some families can be the same thing.  The Bride, the Groom, the Bride’s Parents, the Groom’s Parents, Grandparents all are rooting for the “vision” they have for your wedding.

The most important thing, is keeping the most important thing; The Most Important Thing (The ceremony YOU want!)  It is about planning one of the most remarkable moments in your life.  Spiritual, Religious, Nondenominational, Secular, Nonreligious, are all approaches that can be used to create your special day.  The person who can help make this a reality is your officiant (minister.)  By asking questions, understanding where you have been, where you are at and what is important to you s/he can co-author your ceremony so that it honors who you both are.

From helping build your ceremony, staging and coordinating your rehearsal, and being there prior to your ceremony to make sure that everything is ready, Inclusive Life can help!

Royal D. Bush serves as a Multifaith Chaplain with Inclusive Life.  He studied at Andersonville Theological Seminary, and with the International Institute of Faith Based Counseling.  He holds a Bachelor Degree in business administration.  Chaplain Royal officiates weddings and funerals in Iowa and Nebraska.  He is available for premarital coaching, couples coaching, life coaching, pastoral care and hospital visits.

Inclusive Life offers both nondenominational and nonreligious care: serving all, without exception!   Inclusive Life offers Wedding Ministers, Premarital Coaching, Couples Coaching, Funeral Ministers, End of Life Planning, Pastoral Care, and Pathways Worship.






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