Bridal Survival Kit

Wedding Weekend Survival Kit List

Listen up couples, this is for you both.  Do you want to be prepared for most any last minute glitch?  This is your “bridal first aid kit” that will fix just about anything.  Print this out to make sure you get it all! 402-575-7006

2 Bottles of nail polish (1 Clear for runs and 1 your favorite color)

A Light Snack-granola bars work great!

AA & AAA Batteries

Allergy Meds (Non-drowsy)

Baby Powder

Baby Wipes


Black Marker for Shoe Scuffs

Blotting Sheets: Remove unwanted shine for pictures

Bobby Pins

Bottled Water-refrain from caffeine and alcohol prior to ceremony.

Breath Mints

Bug Spray-if you will be outside OR in a rural area

Cell Phone charger

Comb & brush

Comfortable change of clothes for you both (tshirt and shorts?)

Comfortable shoes for you both-For end of the night

Crochet Hook: An easy way to bustle up your dress

Curling Iron

Dental Floss


Duct Tape

Emery Board

Extra Earring Backings

Extra pair of mens black socks

Extra panty hose

Eye Drops to clear red eyes

Green Floral Tape

Grocery bags-great to put over face when putting dress on

Hair Dryer

Hair Spray


Hand Sanitizer

Large Safety Pins

Latex Gloves

Lint Remover


Make-up Kit

Marriage License



Moist Towelettes


Mouth Wash

Nail Polish Remover

Needle and Thread

Pain relievers


Sandpaper: Rub shoe soles for better traction

Sanitary Needs

Sewing Kit


Spray Spot Remover

Static Guard

Straight Pins

Sun Screen-if going to be outside

Super Glue


Toothpaste & Brush

Trash Bags (For Bride Room Clean-up)



Wedding Party Phone List

Wedding rings

Wedding Vendor list

For more information visit our wedding page CLICK HERE


We can be the change we seek in this world, and in ourselves. 
One day.  One journey.  One person, at a time.
May peace, love and compassion be with you-and from you!

Rev. Royal D. Bush is the founder of Inclusive Life, where he serves as a multifaith Chaplain.  He shares this message to all: “You are beautiful, you are loved and you are worthy, just the way you are.”  He holds a Bachelor Degree in business administration. He studied at Andersonville Theological Seminary.  He holds a current certificate of spiritual counseling with the International Institute of Faith Based Counseling and is a member of Spiritual Directors International.  He actively volunteers and remains active in many social justice issues.


Inclusive Life Pastoral Services. Religious, nonreligious, spiritual.  We serve all without exception.

3622 Leavenworth Street Omaha, NE 68105    
OFFICE: (402) 575-7006  TEXT: (402) 909-1668

Inclusive Life Chaplain Royal Bush offers pastoral care such as weddings, funerals, premarital coaching, hospital visits and baptisms in Omaha, Nebraska.  We officiate weddings and funerals throughout the local area including Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln, Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa, we are available to travel.  Inclusive Life Pastoral Services has been a part of the wedding industry and funeral industry for 3 years. We specialize in custom wedding ceremonies, elopement ceremonies, civil ceremonies, premarital coaching, end of life planning, funerals, baptisms, naming ceremonies and hospital visits.

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