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I was asked if I would “coach” someone’s friend, who went online and got ordained, to merry them.  I declined the offer, and this is why…

An officiant is much more than a person who signs a document, legally.  This person is single handedly responsible for the rhythm of the ceremony, as well as the content.  An officiant IS another professional that is trained, experienced, and shares great passion for helping create an moment in time (your ceremony) that is about who you both are and why you are coming together in marriage.  It IS your story of love.

I will be the first to say that just because a person has a degree in pastoral services or went to seminary; that does not mean that they are good at what they do.  And, just because you have a piece of paper proclaiming your ordination, from online, does not mean that you have the experience, training, or ability to provide professional services.

The difference between being ordained online and someone who is ordained by a local organization, church or ministry is that those who are ordained online are not held accountable, held to any standard, or report to any authority that will oversee their ethics, or behavior.  THAT is a very important fact for all to consider.

I am proud to have been chosen by the many hundreds of couples I have been since 2009.  It has been an honor.  In that time, I made mistakes, learned beyond what classes, training, and books have taught.  With each and every ceremony, I learn something new about people, myself, and the modern wedding culture.  It allows me to offer the very best possible product with passion, experience, and education that ultimately provides for a ceremony that is based on the couples beliefs, needs, and vision.


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