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“What do we do if one of us wants to write our own vows and the other does not?”

Your weddings vows are just that, YOUR vow, pledge, commitment to one-another.  As such, the words you share should be what resonates with you.  If one of you wants to write their own vows, or simply let words flow in that moment, that is ok.  And it is ok if one of you has chosen to read beautiful, fitting words that resonate with you!

Each of you come from different life experiences, families and upbringings.  You are two different people.  The content of each of your hearts may speak to each other, and they are not identical.  Gone are the days that vows have to be identical and what has been used for many years.  This is YOUR wedding ceremony, it should be created with your vision, beliefs and goals.

TIP: If keeping continuity is important; may I suggest that each of you agree upon a couple of lines that you both open with or close with-and allow the rest of your wording to be unique and/or of your chosing.

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