Allaboutweddingsomaha x DressHead Sleek Sophisticated Long Skirts

Allaboutweddingsomaha x DressHead Sleek Sophisticated Long Skirts – Hand Sewn Black Sequins

This sleek and sophisticated skirt inspired by allaboutweddingsomaha and is embellished with hand sewn black sequins all over the front. The back is a fine, soft black leather which extends to the front waistband. This is a very long skirt with a length that stops in the upper thigh area. This leaves plenty of room for comfortable walking and, of course, dancing. When worn on the dance floor, the sequins on this skirt sparkle and flash until every eye in the room is on you! You will love how comfortable this garment is. We are sure it will quickly become one of your favorite skirt s. It fastens in the back with a hidden zipper. Women who buy this long skirt are always impressed by how well it is designed and constructed. One might expect to pay much more for a skirt of this quality. It is available for purchase in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

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