3 Tips for Choosing Wedding Ceremony Music

Wedding & Event Musician Congratulations! You’re getting married! Now comes the fun part…planning! Just as the perfect dress, flower arrangements, beautiful decor, & the right Officiant will add to the theme and authenticity of your special day, the MUSIC you select for your ceremony will set the mood and tone as you celebrate your one-of-a-kind love for each other. Here are three tips to keep in mind as you search for the perfect wedding ceremony soundtrack:

1. PROCESSIONALS “Here Comes the Bride…” or maybe not? Many of you modern brides are looking for a more current and personal song as you take your once-in-a-lifetime march down the aisle. So how are you going to choose? Not by searching through dusty old song books anymore! Many of you are pulling out your iPods and finding the song that speaks to your heart and authentically represents who you are as a couple. Search engines are invaluable resources for ideas if you need more inspiration. The professional musician you hire for your wedding can walk you through every step of the decision making process as well and will offer you several options to choose from until you find the perfect theme song for the moment you’ll never forget!

2. MID-CEREMONY MUSIC Even the most formal modern weddings are becoming more personal and nowhere is this more evident than in the music brides and grooms select for their mid-ceremony song, often performed during the unity candle lighting portion of the ceremony. Some of you are choosing to have “your” song sung to you…you know, the song you fell in love to or first danced to. Some of you would rather hire a professional musician to compose a custom-written song based on your real-life love story. Whatever you choose for this special part of your ceremony, remember this is your moment to be serenaded as you cross the threshold into your new life together as husband and wife, so select a song that means something to each of you. Can’t decide? Ask your musician to melt your two favorite songs together into one performance. Remember, this is YOUR wedding…Your love story is personal; your wedding music should be too!

3. COCKTAIL HOUR or RECEPTION DINNER ENTERTAINMENT Remember the last wedding reception you attended? You know…that hour or so that you sat around waiting for something to happen and uncomfortably chatted with your assigned table mates? YOUR cocktail hour doesn’t have to be dull or uncomfortable! Consider hiring a live musician to entertain your guests…and get your party started right until it’s time for your Professional DJ to take over!

In our technologically advanced society, music plays a pivotal role setting the mood for our lives. Your wedding is a highlight of your life and especially deserves to have each note reflect the love you will share for the rest of your lives. Best wishes to you!

For more tips, Wedding Ceremony Music packages, and to listen to online song samples, visit http://www.songoftheheartmusic.com/ where you can find Omaha’s favorite wedding ceremony musician, Jaime Eschliman with Song of the Heart Music. She will help you transform your wedding into the truly personal event it was meant to be with the priceless gift of music! Don’t forget to ask her about a custom-written love song based on your real-life love story as well as reception dinner & cocktail hour entertainment! Call/text (402) 619-0275 or email: info@songoftheheartmusic.com

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2 thoughts on “3 Tips for Choosing Wedding Ceremony Music”

  1. I just got married about a year ago and I did the traditional “here comes the bride” music during my ceremony. I think it’s kind of tacky when they whip out the ipod and play some music from it.

    1. Hi Alex, I agree. I simply suggested looking through your ipod for favorite songs and hiring a musician to perform them live. There’s nothing wrong with “Here Comes the Bride,” obviously…it’s famous for a reason! 🙂 But some brides enjoy a song that means something to them personally…and everything is better performed live which is obviously what I’m trying to market: live professional music.
      Thanks for your comment!

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